Android App Development

Native mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms, HTML5, and hybrid.


Android Application Development

The Android platform is the most important platform for application development, as it has the highest number of users, and this number is growing rapidly. No wonder there's a booming worldwide demand for Android growth. Businesses want to build a strong presence on this platform so they can connect out there with the huge user base.

Keskintech Services develop Android applications (apps) in Delhi, India for private and company use. Our development team for Google Android follows rigorous programming principles and designs needed to accomplish a user-friendly application. Google's Android platform is used to operate all software on their smartphone by businesses other than Google (for instance, Motorola). It presently has approximately equal market share with the iPhone and Blackberry, and in 2010 it sold more units than the iPhone of Apple. It is anticipated that this famous platform will boom exponentially over the next five years.



UI/UX Design

The most important thing for making an app successful is a great UI and UX. Hire the right design skills and capabilities for Android programmers to create excellent UI designs & enhanced user experience for your app.


App Development

An experienced team of developers of Android apps are ready to support the company with feature-rich and high-performance software. Our team has expertise and experience latest technology for the creation of software.


Custom Apps

As a development company for Android apps, we will discuss your requirements and provide a custom app service to meet these requirements. Using the latest Android SDKs, we are developing a high-end Android app for your business.


Game Development

Our reputation as a leading company in the development of Android games makes us a trusted partner in the gaming industry. We are exceptional in developing gaming applications that can engage users and drive revenue.


Wear Development

With our Android wear technology experience, we will help you exploit the wearable phenomenon. Our experts support smarftwatches and other new wearables with high-tech wearable software.


Enterprise & Solutions

Get flexible and high-performance Android business apps that blend seamlessly into your corporate ecosystem and also fulfill all your needs. With these devices, we make your company mobile-ready.


Testing App

Our testers and QA experts keep track of your Android app from the initial development stage to its final release at all times. Make sure you get a flawless app that empowers your business.


Maintenance & Support

We keep it up and running throughout its lifespan, beyond just creating a flawless Android app for your company. Our staff offers repair service that consumers can rely on round-the-clock.

Our Process

  • Requirements Analysis: We work closely with the customer to determine precisely what they want the app to do.
  • Design: We design your app specifically in designs and units to demonstrate how they function together and how they make up the whole unit.
  • Coding: Our Developers use the development suite Java and Eclipse to write the code by applying the designs and complying with the criteria of the past two phases.
  • Testing: With a amount of virtual and real appliances, we strongly test all of our applications to guarantee maximum compatibility and error-free use.
  • Packaging and Marketing: We package the app properly to allow it to be downloaded and installed readily. In addition, we will manage the listing of the app in the Google App Store if requested.
  • Maintenance: Every Maintenance is needed as the time goes on to adapt and develop to new norms, user requirements and evolving environments.

We are specialized in the following fields of growth:

  • Expense tracking and Account management.
  • Phone Utilities.
  • Media tools and services.
  • Education tools and services.
  • Accounting tools.
  • Business management.
  • Sales and Service apps.
  • Employee and Time Tracking and many more!